A solid foundation
for intelligent solutions

A solid foundation
for intelligent solutions

Product Catalog

Embedded industrial computers with passive cooling, panel computers for industrial use.

I/O devices made in CompactPCI, ISA, PCI formats for heavy-duty applications.

Equipment and devices for industrial use: controllers, servers, distributed data acquisition and processing systems, workstations for mounting in a 19-inch rack, computer chassis, panel, embedded and single-board computers; protected displays; analog, discrete I/O and drive control boards; communication equipment; software for production automation systems and management of objects for various purposes.

Industrial and office computers, data storage systems, fault-tolerant solutions.

Case solutions for computer and server equipment for industrial use.

Current sensors.

Angle sensors.

Industrial solid state drives of various form factors and RAM modules.

LCD panels in different sizes for all kinds of applications.

Universal miniature lenses for individual LEDs made of optically transparent material, with high luminous flux efficiency.

PCB signal connectors, interface connectors.

Highly reliable power supplies for industrial use.

Programmable electronic loads, high power supplies, also for DIN rail mounting.

Office desktop and rack switches, industrial switches for DIN-rail and rack mounting, Ethernet switches for video surveillance and IP telephony of all kinds (with PoE support), media converters (copper-optics-telephone line), Ethernet adapters for PC .

Hardware and software standard platforms for connecting field data control devices to the IT infrastructure.

Software for computer-aided design of radio-electronic equipment based on printed circuit boards (CAD electronics).

Fieldbus modules and industrial controllers as well as industrial communication and industrial control products.

Integrated video surveillance systems with extensive video analysis capabilities, hardware and software systems for the protection of an object of any complexity, specialized software for security systems.

Rugged laptops and tablet computers for extreme and harsh environments.

Industrial computing platforms and systems: panel, single-board, embedded computers, media players, network platforms, processor and motherboards.

Industrial computer boards, systems and peripheral equipment.

Keyboards and pointing devices for working with industrial computers, workstations and as part of operator consoles.

Flash memory drives for industrial embedded systems.

Ultra-bright LCD displays for demanding applications.

Solutions for automating code analysis and software testing in safe, secure and responsible applications.

Ultra-bright displays, panel computers and embedded computers.

High power LEDs.

Functional safety systems, boards in CompactPCI and VME formats; computer modules; embedded computers; secure panel computers; mezzanine modules; secure Ethernet switches.

Instrument knobs; tuning and adjusting knobs; electromechanical components (microswitches and buttons with improved external design); light conductors and systems based on them.

Protective and solid-state industrial relays for general and special purposes, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, level sensors, switching technology, specialized and universal controllers.

Processor boards and single-board computers in industrial design of various form factors.

Video cameras, video recorders, software for intelligent video surveillance systems.

Small format OLED displays for industrial and commercial applications; monochrome alphanumeric LCDs, graphic LCD modules, TFT LCDs, CSTN LCDs. Small format OLED displays for industrial and commercial applications; monochrome alphanumeric LCD displays, graphic LCD modules, TFT LCD CSTN LCD displays.

High-functional integrated microcontrollers with x86 architecture; microcontrollers compatible with the 80C188 / 80C186 architecture; developer kits.

Distribution cabinets and cabinet technology.

Enclosures, cabinets and racks for electronic and electrical equipment, means for mounting, cabling and switching.

High performance LED crystals, LEDs for general and special lighting.

LCD panels for industrial and telecommunications applications, image processing circuits, LEDs.

PC-compatible boards and high-speed I / O systems.

Industrial IP cameras and LED controllers.

Connectors, sockets and plugs, patch panels for video/audio solutions, cable assemblies, switches.

Interface converters, modems, communication line protection devices.

USB-connected multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, PXI devices, software, cables, interface modules, specialized diagnostic equipment.

Rugged, highly reliable laptops for field use.

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), operator panels (HMIs), IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) communication devices, frequency converters, frequency converters for 380 volt motors, servo drives and motors.

HMI devices: graphical operator panels with free visualization software, touch screen panel computers with Windows CE or XP Embedded pre-installed.

LED lamps, LED lighting, LED modules, LED drivers for LEDs, lenses for LEDs.

Highly reliable power supplies, discrete semiconductor components and modules.

Modules for galvanic isolation of the current loop.